In this spirit, Gjallerhorn was created out of a desire to make something special, something different, something unique.

Maybe you have felt that pull yourself? We craft wines from singular sites in the Columbia Valley in a way that no one else is doing. We create these wines to be the fullest expression of the varietal and the place because we have seen what is wildly possible with this wine growing region.

We chase that dream every vintage.

We have been making wine together for 15 years, most of that at one of the most celebrated and decorated heritage wine brands in the region. In that time we have honed our craft, and more importantly, sharpened our creative vision. The Gjallerhorn (y’all-er-horn) is the instrument that is sounded to start Ragnarok, the Norse mythological end of times battle. It’s an epic theme and a poetic word. It inspires us to keep asking ourselves the questions and pursuing the answers only we can give.


Hal Iverson and Jesse Schmidt