Skapa (/ˈskɑːpɑ/)

THE ART. Creativity. We are grateful to the truly gifted that support our dream and sharpen our creative vision.

Justin Lovato

Justin Lovato Born in Northern California in 1986, Justin’s boundary-pushing creations incorporate influences from Optical Art to Surrealism with subject matter often inspired by nature and organic forms. 

His self-taught style juxtaposes shape, color, and scale to lend a unique energy
and sense of movement to his work in the tradition of M.C. Escher, Bridget Riley, and psychedelic artists like Rick Griffin. 

Lovato has been featured in numerous galleries across the country, various publications both in print and online, as well as the San Jose Institute of
Contemporary Art.

Jon Kaplan Photography

Born in the Seattle area in 1984, Jon was raised with art and expression around him from a very young age. With a family of artists to coach him and encourage his growth, Jon had focused on drawing and painting from a very early age.

It wasn’t until moving to Hawaii in 2010 that Jon picked up a camera and was instantly enamored with storytelling through a lens. Pulling on years of experience working with other mediums, Jon’s view of photography, and art in general, was that they are all interconnected and that there’s value in every art form.

In the last decade, Jon has travelled around the PNW to photograph over 200 weddings, has taken portraits for thousands of people and has also worked with over 50 businesses (The Herbfarm, Quilceda Creek Winey, Haywire Brewing) to develop a very personalized suite of images that tell the story of each business in a way that is both beautiful and true to their brand.

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